Online ART education that feels like being in the classroom.

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Benefit One

A set of EXPERT eyes!

Benefit Two

100% ONLINE art education created for YOU!

Benefit Three

It's SOOOOO much fun!

I love Art, and People! Teaching was a natural fit for me. I get a rush out of helping people achieve their dreams!

Features of Your Product

You will learn how and why techniques work, so you can adjust when technology changes.

You won't be just another number and you won't be isolated. Unless you are into that sort of thing. ;-)

You're going to level up your skills!

"His methods of instruction was able to produce results for me fast that I desperately needed to completely change my portfolio so it was relatable to a very fast changing concept design industry."

Erwin Madrid
Concept Artist, Illustrator

"Robert Revels was one of my favorite instructors in college, so much so that I and several other classmates took his class multiple times. His critiques are always insightful and make a visible improvement towards final whether it be design sense, composition, or color. I learned a ton from Mr. Revels’ class and came out with a much stronger portfolio."

Linda Chen
Concept Artist, Illustrator

"I had the good fortune of having Robert Revels as an instructor twice while I was in school. He always gave really great feedback. My favorite part of the class was the lessons. No other teacher explored concepts like composition so thoroughly. I felt a real sense of confidence when creating illustrations after taking Robert's class."

Ben Jelter
Comic Book Artist, Illustrator

"Before learning from Robert Revels, I didn't know anything about painting in Photoshop. I was apprehensive, and the whole idea was truly daunting. However; from the first lesson, my confidence began to rise because his easy-to-follow teaching style never made learning frustrating! His instruction was always very clear, and made learning super exciting. Mr. Revels is always willing to take extra time to help every student by giving in-depth reviews of assignments, and by answering any question. Through every step, Mr. Revels' encouragement gave me the confidence I needed to grow as an artist; and without his amazing teaching, I never would have achieved the goal of actually becoming a painter!" "

Bethany Moy

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